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Trust me, I get it.

It’s almost impossible for others to see the vision you see as a women with a God given mission, I know that can be frustrating.  I seems as though no one can relate to your journey, your challenges or even connect with your successes.  They just don’t seem to get “it” but I do,

I know what it’s like to doubt what God has revealed about your purpose, and fulfilling it with your life’s work, your mission.  I have been there, struggling with my understanding of His plan, dragging myself along paths I felt had nothing to do with the work I was called to do.

Every time I was ready to give up, I would be reassured I was on the right path, and I needed only to hold on to my faith. God always reminded me I was not alone, and I want to remind you that you aren’t alone either.

Since you’re here, how about we get a little better acquainted? Here’s the tea on me:

  • After years of habitual job hopping, in 2014 I took the ultimate leap of faith and quit my full time job to pursue my life’s work.
  • Two lil guys have my heart, my 10 & 12 year old sons. I’m a football, baseball, basketball, wrestling {and occasionally every other sport) mom.
  • I’m a Pittsburgh, Pa native, lover of all things Pittsburgh Steelers, pumpkin, avocado and journal junkie.
  • I’ve been a writer since I was old enough to hold a pencil crayon.  You can read some oebookf my recent  posts here.
  • Books were my first love, and the love affair is still going strong,  You can find some book recommendations for women with a mission like YOU here.
  • After years of self suppression, self denial and unforgiveness, I’ve learned that self-care is nonnegotiable and encourage women like you to build a legacy of self care.  My gift to help you get started is here.
  • I believe sisterhood and support are part of the solid foundation on which women with a mission like you and I build.  You can become part of The Read.Write.Love. LIVE Community here.

Please introduce yourself in the comments below, I can’t wait to get to know you!


Hello Beautiful!

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