Write For Your Life: A 6 Week Journey of Clarity, Courage & Commitment to Telling Your Story.

– Have you been struggling to write your book or start your blog?
– Are you challenged to get the story inside you out into the world?
– Do you feel defeated by writer’s block no matter how hard you try?

During these weekly sessions, you will actively engage in both discussion and writing exercises to uncover the truth about what is keeping your your story stuck inside you.

You  will receive practical and actionable steps, and a plan on how to move through the writing process with actionable steps to put into practice immediately.

During this journey you’ll:
– Gain clarity about why you NEED to tell your story and why you have not written it yet
– Unlock your unique voice and storytelling style
– Learn how to overcome the myth of writer’s block
– Learn how to map a plan for writing with intention
– Learn why courage is important in the process of writing YOUR story

The course will run from Monday February 20, 2017 – Monday March 27, 2016 from 7:30 pm –  9pm.  Each session will include a mini workshop, discussion and then time to write, and share if you feel led to.

The Overview:

Part 1: Clarity
2.20.16 This is Why I Write

  • Finding your voice
  • The Mission Statement for your book/blog/writing
  • The vision for your writing
  • Understanding how feelings impact your writing

2.27.16 My Tribe & My Truth

  • Identifying your target audience
  • Setting the tone of your writing
  • The plot and/or storyline
  • The writing process and experience

Part 2: Courage
3.06.17 The Myth of Writers Block

  • How to write through distractions
  • Preparing for the writing process
  • Getting in sync

3.13.17 I’m NOT writing because…

  • Breaking through the fear
  • Identifying the impact of your writing
  • Delays, Detours & Doubts
  • Discipline, Discipline, Discipline

Part 3: Commitment
3.20.17 Making My Writing a Priority

  • Aligning with the divine in your writing
  • Creating space to create
  • Aligning your vision and values

3.27.17 Accountability to Completion

  • Recognizing the support you have
  • Identifying additional support you need
  • Investing in your success

The Investment for Write for Your Life is $147.00.  Anyone who registers by 2.13.17 may do say at the early bird rate of 135.00.   You can register here.